Tennis club caters for social and the serious players

By Cobram Courier

Cobram Lawn Tennis Club is in full swing for the 2018-19 season.

Tuesday night is grading tennis starting at 6pm. No team is necessary, interested players just need to come down to the tennis club rooms and are graded against other players and play three-set matches.

Tuesday nights are a great hit out for any Saturday pennant players or anyone else who would like a hit.

The club’s social night on Thursdays has 20 teams entered, with many businesses supporting the night.

‘‘It’s a fun competition and offers a good chance for everyone to socialise within the community,” Cobram Tennis Club’s Jackie Vogel said.

‘‘Many people come down to watch and after match play, the majority of players and spectators come into the clubhouse for our famous roast and barbecue for tea.’’

Saturday morning is junior tennis from 9am. There are four teams in both A-grade and B-grade.

In A-grade on Saturday, Black plays Yellow and Pink plays Green, with Black team on canteen duty.

In B-grade matches, Red plays Purple and Blue plays White. The competition gives people the chance to see some of Cobram’s finest up-and-coming tennis players in action.

Saturday afternoon sees the club’s two pennant teams play in the same division (GM3 East), which promises to be a very close competition.

The first round saw the two Cobram teams play each other.

‘‘You couldn’t have asked for a better start for the season with the match coming down to the final game of the day, ultimately ending in a draw,’’ Vogel said.

‘‘After three rounds, the competition is anyone’s to take with many changes already taking place on the ladder so far.’’

Cobram Cobras have had a win, a loss and a draw and this weekend play at home against Tatura Mosquitoes.

Three-set winners for the Cobras so far have been Rod Armstrong, Mario Bruni (2), Helen Bruni and Kim Collins.

Cobram Crocs have also had a win, loss, and a draw and this weekend play Shepparton Coyotes, which sit fifth on the ladder, at home.

Three-set winners for the Crocs so far have been Jackie Vogel (2) and Kate Bird.