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February 17, 2017

Oppose the basin plan if you must, but stick to the facts

One has to question not only the factual integrity of the letter ‘Flawed basin plan is a health risk’ (Country News, February 7), but also the motives behind it.

To link the size of the 2016 Murray River to future environmental flows ignores the fact during this recent flood, flows in excess of 134000Ml per day passed through Yarrawonga.

This flow was almost four times the volume of environmental flows under consideration for this reach of the Murray River.

Environmental flows can only reduce the severity of blackwater events by reducing the lengthy build-up of carbon-rich litter in the catchment experienced over past decades.

Yes, there will be increasing impacts from insect-borne diseases throughout our region — not caused by the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, but our warming climate — and we should be worried.

I understand there are many in opposition to the basin plan but please stick to the facts.

—John Pettigrew, president

Goulburn Valley Environment Group

Thanks to Donald Trump for saving Australian farmers

Donald Trump has rescued Aussie farmers.

Terry McCrann in the Herald Sun pointed out that nations that join the Trans Pacific Partnership to facilitate trading lose their sovereign rights.

As with the European Union, which makes laws in Brussels affecting every aspect of life, where millions of people can enter at will. The British voted to leave for good reason.

The TPP cannot function without the United States and China does not qualify for admission.

Alliances will be created and trade will still happen so don’t sell your inheritance for a bowl of soup.

—Laurie Wintle, Kyabram

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