Joeys pop up in Tatura

By Ashlea Witoslawski

The Tatura community has welcomed its youngest community leaders this week, with the establishment of a Joey Scouts group.

The group held an induction night on Monday, at which new group members met and learnt more about their role as Joeys.

Joey Scouts is the first section of Scouts Australia for boys and girls, aged five to eight.

Scouts Australia Goulburn Murray district commissioner Mark Sargent said there had been Tatura Scout groups in the past, however, it had been a few years since there had been a presence in the town.

‘‘There are a lot of fantastic young people in the town and we wanted to give them the opportunity to experience Scouts,’’ he said.

Mr Sargent said the group members would enjoy a number of activities and learn useful skills to best prepare them for the future.

He said they would also meet other children from the region and there was opportunities to go on camps.

‘‘The biggest thing we see in the kids is resilience as they get older,’’ Mr Sargent said.

‘‘By getting involved they learn leadership skills and develop better coping skills as they become adults.’’

Mr Sargent said the group hopes to gain more members.

He also said there could be the possibility of starting a Cub Scout pack for children aged eight to 10, if there was enough interest.

‘‘We’re really excited to have restarted scouting in Tatura and we’re hoping to continue into the older sections,’’ Mr Sargent said.

Mr Sargent encourages anyone interested in getting involved, whether as a Joey Scout or an adult leader, to get in touch to learn more.

‘‘We really need community supporters to take on a leadership roles,’’ he said.

‘‘We provide training and good support networks to help and people can talk to me about being an adult leader or adult helper.’’

Contact Mark Sargent on 0417 585 400 or visit