Shepparton accountant shows way to right choices

By Laura Briggs

Shepparton MB+M’s newly appointed director Anna McIntosh has not only a wealth of experience when it comes to accounting, but also in helping families of the Goulburn Valley through her profession.

Ms McIntosh, born and raised in the GV, had her eyes set on studying in Melbourne when the time came, but upon graduating at Mooroopna Secondary College, she reassessed.

‘‘I’d always planned on going to Melbourne to study, but when it came down to it I asked myself, why?’’ she said.

Ms McIntosh said following successful math grades in her senior years of school she had steered her interests toward figures and was drawn to the world of accounting.

Realising that everything she needed to get her qualifications was close to home, she went on to study at Shepparton’s La Trobe University.

‘‘With La Trobe here being so small you get that extra attention — class sizes, you know who your lecturer is, they all know each other by name, whereas if you’re in Melbourne, there’s a thousand people and you just don’t get that,’’ she said.

Ms McIntosh said additionally strong networks had been formed between local accounting firms and the Shepparton campus, giving those studying the opportunity to secure their first position in the field.

‘‘The other thing about being here in Shepparton is usually by the end of the second year everyone’s got a part-time job, whereas if you’re in Melbourne, you don’t get that opportunity,’’ she said.

Having worked in the accounting field for more than 15 years, Ms McIntosh is thankful that she had the opportunity to remain close to family and friends while beginning her career.

Now raising 20-month-old son Dylan alongside husband Paul, the small Undera family is proud to continue calling the GV home.

While Ms McIntosh’s role has been an accountant — and director — she said more than just providing accounting services, she saw her position as an opportunity to help families and individuals in the area.

She said as people were at different stages of life, priorities and goals could greatly differ and she enjoyed being able to understand the needs of clients and assisting them through her role.

Also fitting in with her busy schedule of part-time work and being a mother, Ms McIntosh is a Fairley Leadership Program board member and treasurer.

She said as part of her voluntary role she had enjoyed the opportunities that came with being able to help people and see their leadership skills developed through the program.

Ms McIntosh said she looked forward to what was ahead in her new role and having the time to spend with her son as he grew and celebrating the many milestones to come as a family.