Power tool spark warning

By Holly Tregenza

‘‘Be aware of sparks, and perhaps try and be a little more sensible than me.’’

That’s the message Peter Sayer has for the community after an angle grinder he was working with sparked and caused a small blaze last month.

Locals may have heard the sirens blaring as six fire crews raced to put out the fire at the McKenzie Rd property in Lancaster.

Crews came from Merrigum, Kyabram, Undera, Tatura, Cooma and Girgarre.

CFA volunteer John Sullivan from Merrigum attended the scene.

‘‘It’s an important reminder that in these dry conditions, even a small spark can do a lot of damage,’’ he said.

Mr Sayer estimated that about five acres of his land was burned, but said that he was extermely grateful to the CFA for making sure it did not spread further.

‘‘I was just working along the fenceline with the grinder and a little spark fell into the shrubs that had sprung up along the fence,’’ he said.

‘‘I tried to stomp it out, but the wind picked up and it is so dry, so it’s just taken off.

‘‘I ran to get a shovel to try and put it out that way, but the wind started to get the better of me and before I knew it it was beyond me — I had to call 000.

‘‘I’m very grateful, especially given the conditions and how bad it could have been.’’

Previously a volunteer, Mr Sayer said he was now considering re-joining the CFA.