Statue of Virgin Mary destroyed

By Laura Briggs

Members of the St Mary’s Parish have been disappointed to discover the Virgin Mary statue in the convent garden was destroyed last weekend.

Parish priest Father Michael Morley said he arrived at the hall last Sunday to find the statue shattered and spread across the footpath metres away from where Mary stood.

Having been at the hall on Saturday and not noticing anything out of place he said he believed the damage was done during the night on Saturday.

St Mary’s Parish lifetime member Bernie Maher said he was saddened by the disrespect that had been shown.

He said members of the parish had been left to pick up empty alcohol bottles and cans on various occasions — particularly during weekends.

Mr Maher said the statue was a part of the garden for about 40 years, but this was not the first time she had been damaged.

Mr Maher said the statue was damaged about 12 years ago and was able to be repaired — although not to her original state.

‘‘This time it was smashed to smithereens — beyond repair,’’ he said.

Fr Morley said the statue was made of plaster and cement and was reasonably heavy.

He believed the act of destroying it would not have been possible alone and therefore thought a minimum of two people may have been involved.

■If you have any information on the incident, report it to Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.