Toolamba awards

By Tatura Guardian

Australia Day was celebrated in Toolamba on Saturday with awards, a barbecue and plenty of fun.

Toolamba Lions Club member Sally Moseley said the event brought the community and families together.

‘‘It’s become a real thing in Toolamba... there’s usually really good attendance,’’ she said.

Ms Moseley was pleased the weather had cooled somewhat for Australia Day, compared with temperatures as high as 45°C in the region the week before.

Citizen of the Year Laurence Thomson said he felt a bit overwhelmed in receiving the award.

‘‘I must admit, I didn’t expect it,’’ Mr Thomson said.

‘‘I don’t think I’ve done anything special to win it... just being involved in the community more than anything.’’

While Mr Thomson stressed the importance of Australia Day, he said he was ‘‘starting to think that maybe this day is not the appropriate day’’.

‘‘I think we need to recognise our first nation’s peoples and actually incorporate them into this day,’’ he said.

‘‘It’s got to be a day of celebration for everyone.

‘‘I’m quite open for another day.’’

Community Service of the Year was awarded to Toolamba Wednesday Night Tennis Men’s Competition. Accepting the award, Rod Luscombe said it was a great honour for the club.

‘‘It’s not really about tennis, it’s a reason for catching up, mostly,’’ Mr Luscombe said.

‘‘The tougher the times, the more important it is; we’ve had some tough times in the farming community.’’

Young Citizen of the Year award winner Katelyn Trevaskis, who has raised money for Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation, said she was shocked at winning the award, but said she was glad she could ‘‘raise money for a good cause’’ and help out other children.

Community Event of the Year was awarded to the Lions Club Twilight Festival.