No Flies On Us at Sacred Heart Primary

By Tatura Guardian

The Lions Club of Tatura spent the day at Sacred Heart School sharing valuable information with students on the Queensland Fruit Fly (QFF).

Recently completing a course, ‘No Flies On Us’, Tatura locals Doug and Marg Tuhan were pleased with how interested all the students were to help eradicate the QFF.

‘‘It was a really great opportunity to talk to the kids and let them know the damage these pests are doing,’’ Mr Tuhan said.

‘‘The kids were so interested and asked some terrific questions.

‘‘We were amazed with how keen they were to know about the fly and what they can do to eradicate them.’’

Members of the Lions Club showed the students how to make their own trap.

‘‘If every one of these traps gets just one fly, that’s thousands we’ve managed to stop,’’ Mr Tuhan said.

School principal Pauline Hindson thanked the club for the great initiative of bringing ‘No Flies On Us’ into schools.

‘‘This was a wonderful opportunity for our students to have real hands-on learning about something that affects us all and provided real ownership about how they can make a difference in their own local community,’’ Ms Hindson said.

Each student took home their own home-made QFF trap and knowledge to share.