Tatura Primary School Leisure and Recreational Pursuits Program

By Madeleine Caccianiga

Tatura Primary School’s Leisure and Recreational Pursuits program kicked off on Friday, October 23 giving years 3 to 6 students the choice of 11 activities to participate in for the afternoon.

Becoming a tradition for the school, principal Susanne Gill said the parents and students looked forward to ‘‘LARP’’.

She said students could choose from a variety of activities including badminton, table tennis, cooking or boot camp.

‘‘We’ve got a real range which includes craft, indoor activities and physical activities, so we’ve got some children doing Christmas craft, we’ve got some doing a writing workshop, we’ve got origami and then the other activities that are off site are tennis, golf, bowls and fishing,’’ Ms Gill said.

The program runs for three weeks for an hour and a half each Friday.

Ms Gill said children would be experiencing some of the activities for the first time.

‘‘I think for a lot of them the golf would be pretty new and fishing, some of them have got all the gear and for others it’s for the first time,’’ she said.

Tatura Primary School students refer to LARP as the ‘‘highlight of the year’’.