Concerns for event spaces at Tatura Park

By Rodney Woods

Greater Shepparton City Council is looking at a whole equestrian sport strategy to help guide future development and investment of council’s equestrian facilities.

The strategy was confirmed by council after Goulburn Valley Equestrian Club member Chris Ezard contacted the Shepparton News after attending the Top Team Trophy dressage competition at Elmore recently.

Mrs Ezard praised Elmore Equestrian Park’s facilities, but was concerned with event spaces at Tatura Park Exhibition and Equestrian Complex and WB Hunter Reserve in Shepparton.

‘‘Maybe our local council could take notice of the fantastic facilities at Elmore and consider setting up something similar in Shepparton,’’ she said.

‘‘I have heard all the arguments about Tatura, which is a risk-management nightmare for horses not even being securely fenced and the land at (WB) Hunter Reserve is much too small to accommodate such a large event (as was held at Elmore).’’

Council’s sustainable development director Geraldine Christou said an agreement was in place for WB Hunter Reserve and the council was working with Tatura Park Advisory Committee and venue hirers to improve safety.

‘‘WB Hunter is currently under a lease agreement to Northern Victoria Showjumping Club,’’ Ms Christou said.

‘‘Tatura Park Exhibition and Equestrian Complex is managed by council’s economic development department.

‘‘Council continues to work with the Tatura Park Advisory Committee and venue hirers in providing a safe and secure complex through ongoing improvements and investments, to ensure a sustainable future for the facility to ensure economic benefit to Greater Shepparton.’’