Rail crossing funds pledged

By Laura Briggs

The Coalition has pledged $650000 to improve the safety of Tatura drivers if elected at next month’s Victorian election.

The promise to install signalling, boom barriers and a designated pedestrian crossing at a Tatura railway crossing on Dhurringile Rd was announced last week by Shadow Public Transport Minister David Davis and Liberal candidate for Shepparton Cheryl Hammer.

Mr Davis welcomed those in attendance at the announcement by expressing his concern for the safety of those driving in the area.

‘‘It’s clear that this is a dangerous intersection and it’s also clear that this is the only one in town that is not controlled properly,’’ Mr Davis said.

‘‘We’re certainly very pleased to indicate that if elected we will fix this crossing and make it safe for the community.’’

Ms Hammer said the concerns raised by locals had been heard and she was delighted to be a part of improving the safety of Tatura.

‘‘A number of months ago I was over in Tatura talking to residents at one of the listening posts and one of the residents that lives very close to the crossing approached me with the issue of the railway crossing,’’ Ms Hammer said.

‘‘I came out a number of times to sit and watch myself and there was no denying that it was a very dangerous situation.

‘‘All the town is concerned about this intersection and I’m absolutely delighted that we’ve been able to commit to do something for them.’’

Concerned Tatura resident Kevin Ryan said he was relieved to see that the need for the upgrade had been recognised.

Mr Ryan said he started campaigning 25 years ago to see something done to improve safety at the railway crossing.

He said originally he had campaigned for only lights to be installed at the intersection.

‘‘So the beauty of this announcement today is lights and the gates, so we are very, very happy now that after 25 years of campaigning the (shadow) minister Mr Davis has come down and announced $650000 for the upgrade of this crossing and believe me, this is greatly appreciated,’’ Mr Ryan said.