Ky in July

Battery power

By Lachlan Durling

FEELING flat? Worn out? Lost the spark?

The team at Kyabram Hire and Batteries can tell you exactly what’s going on and have you revolted — with a battery, of course.

In the depths of winter there’s nothing worse than walking out to cars or machinery that won’t start. “It’s the time of year when batteries are most likely to die. We have batteries for cars, trucks, tractors, motorbikes, golf carts, you name it,” Kyabram Hire and Batteries’ Andrew Porch said.

“We also have deep-cycle marine batteries for caravans and RVs.”

The team also offers mobile or on-site battery testing, diagnostics and load testing.

“We’ve had a few people come in and say they need a new battery, we’ve hooked it up to the diagnostics and it’s been fine, so they’ve saved money,” Andrew said.

As well as free battery tests and fitting, the team offers a July-only special of $20 off a new battery when you trade in your old one.

But like it says in the name, they’re also the local destination for hire items. Marquees, dingo diggers, coolrooms, trailers, pumps and a whole lot more available right here in Ky. They’re also the local agents for BOC and Elgas.

Kyabram Hire and Batteries is at 29 McCormick Rd, or call 5852 2990.