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June 13, 2018

Bailey Argus and Megan Kay bought their first home in Tatura last year.

The house in its current renovation state.

At just 21 years old, Megan Kay and Bailey Argus are testament to the fact you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

When the engaged couple decided it was time to buy a house, they knew renovating would be a big part of their plans.

‘‘We were looking at houses and we wanted to get out and do something, so we knew we wanted to renovate,’’ Miss Kay said.

Originally from Tatura and Toolamba, the pair had their hearts set on Tatura for their future home when they found the fixer-upper on Hogan St.

‘‘At first Megan didn’t want it, but then we found out we could do it easy,’’ Mr Argus said.

Excited to get into the renovating game, Miss Kay and Mr Argus received the keys in November last year and immediately got to work.

‘‘That day we were pulling up carpet,’’ Miss Kay said.

‘‘The roof was leaking as well as the toilet.

‘‘There has definitely been some ups and downs.’’

With huge support from Mr Argus’ parents Narelle and Ian, the house began to take shape.

The plan details a three-bedroom house including a bathroom and ensuite and a large backyard.

Although the couple has been unable to find out a lot about the historic homestead, the name Devonleigh House came from local woman Michelle Day.

It is believed the house was in her family at some stage.

‘‘We tried looking for information at the history museum, but we don’t know much about the place,’’ Miss Kay said.

The earliest documented date for the building is 1880.

Miss Kay and Mr Argus have loved the project so far and the amount of attention they have received, as many people come up and share stories or take a general interest in the restoration.

‘‘It’s been really popular, I think, because it’s just a really old house,’’ Miss Kay said.

‘‘We started a Facebook page because people were so interested and everyone has been really supportive.’’

Although in no hurry to complete the renovation, the couple was delighted to finish their bedroom and have spent the past couple of weeks in their new home.

‘‘It’s been a big learning curve with a lot of work on weekends and after work,’’ Miss Argus said.

‘‘We’re just doing it at our own pace.’’

The couple hopes to keep this property, but aims to continue renovating other houses in the future.

■Keep up to date with the renovation on Facebook by searching ‘Devonleigh House’.

- Ashlea Witoslawski

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