170kg of pest fish removed

April 24, 2018

Some carp caught from the electro-fishing program.

Greater Shepparton City Council’s electro-fishing program came to Lake Bartlett last week to rid the water of carp and goldfish.

The program began on Monday, April 16, and ended on Thursday, April 19.

Council’s native open space co-ordinator Paul Dainton said the council was taking steps to ensure our lakes remained healthy and the native fish stocks were protected from carp.

‘‘The last electro-fishing program was conducted in 2014,’’ he said.

‘‘The warmer conditions have created the ideal environment for carp to breed and numbers have increased again.’’

Mr Dainton said the carp-control process involved electro-fishing that emitted a high-voltage current into the water, stunning fish — caught in the electromagnetic field.

‘‘All stunned native, both small and large, are removed from the water and kept in holding tanks until the electro-fishing is complete,’’ he said.

‘‘The natives are returned back into the water unharmed and the carp, including goldfish, which are closely related, are removed.

‘‘The carp are humanely euthanised and disposed of at our organic waste facility.’’

One-hundred and seventy kilograms of non-native fish were removed from Lake Bartlett, the same amount from two lakes in Kialla and 480kg from Victoria Park Lake in Shepparton.

Mr Dainton says the expensive exercise will return to Lake Bartlett due to the substantial haul.

‘‘We have always got large numbers out of there, so it’s worth doing again,’’ he said.

‘‘Maybe not next year, but it will be part of the ongoing maintenance.’’

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