Pool works wonders

March 21, 2018

Tatura Pool lifeguard Dylan Argus received a thank you card from Pam and Russell Davy.

Russell and Pam Davy have attended Tatura Pool since the first days of its summer season on November 18, 2017.

Pam and Russell Davy were at the Tatura Pool for the first day of the season on November 18 last year, and they will definitely be there the day it closes.

As the pool closes its gates this Sunday for the last day of the summer season, the Davys will have racked up more than 85 days at the pool.

‘‘We bought season tickets on the first day the pool opened,’’ Mr Davy said.

Beating last year’s record number of days spent at the pool, the couple was delighted to see summer come earlier last year.

Originally from Ballarat, the Davys moved to their home at Moyola Village in Tatura nearly three years ago.

They were chasing warmer weather and the pool has been a wonderful way to keep fit and active.

In 2008, Mr Davy was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL), a slow, progressive cancer that affects blood and bone marrow.

Also suffering from diabetes, Mr Davy said the exercise had made the biggest difference to his overall health.

‘‘Since the move my leukaemia has been very, very stable,’’ Mr Davy said.

‘‘I used to see a specialist in Ballarat every six months and I haven’t seen a specialist in 12 months.

‘‘The doctors are astounded at how stable my diabetes is also.

‘‘They says it’s the swimming.’’

Mrs Davy credited the pool for their improved health.

‘‘I don’t think we would be as good without the pool,’’ she said.

Each day Mrs Davy does exercises including a bit of breaststroke, while Mr Davy walks up and down.

Mr and Mrs Davy are unsure what they will do for their daily exercises after Sunday

‘‘We don’t quite know what we’re going to do for the winter months,’’ Mrs Davy said.

‘‘We’re looking to head over to Aquamoves in Shepparton for the next two weeks.’’

Because of a skin condition caused by the leukaemia, Mr Davy can not attend indoor pools.

‘‘We just love it and we’ll miss it when it closes,’’ Mrs Davy said.

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