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February 21, 2018

The Responsible Pet Ownership Program visited Sacred Heart School.

The Responsible Pet Ownership Program visited Sacred Heart School.

On Tuesday, February 6, Sacred Heart School had Stacy from the Responsible Pet Ownership Education Program talk to us.

She taught us all about how to take proper care of our pets.

She brought along her dog Spice and we learned about the proper health and care needs for not only dogs but other pets, like cats, birds, guinea pigs and rabbits.

Stacy also taught us how the body language of a dog works, so we can tell if it’s happy, nervous or angry.

Stacy and Spice did an awesome job and we all learned a lot from them about taking responsibility for our pets.

Some Year 6 students went to interview some students from different year groups.

Muskan, 8, from 2/3BM said about Responsible Pet Ownership: ‘‘I really enjoyed it a lot. I learned that when a dog is eating, we shouldn’t pat it as it may bite.’’

Interviewed by Liam Dean and Connor Nevins, Year 6.

Mia, from 4/5JS, said: ‘‘I enjoyed it because Stacy told us everything we need to know about being a responsible pet owner. I learned about how we must microchip our pets so that if they ever get lost, people can find the owners.’’

Interviewed by Callum Hearn, Year 6.

Michael from Prep/1 learned about the four safety rules: to stop before going to pat someone’s dog, ask their permission, let the dog sniff our hands and then go to its side to pat it.

Interviewed by Livinia and Amelia, Year 6.

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