School welcomes 32 new students

February 07, 2018

Tatura Primary School foundation students, Ela Kavas, Teisha Cope, Charlie Hart, Ewan Bowman and Harry Jones.

Tatura Primary School started off its school year by welcoming 32 foundation students.

The day started off abuzz with parents and grandparents showing up for the occasion.

Principal Susanne Gill along with the foundation teachers provided a ‘‘first-day survival kit’’ for all the newcomers.

‘‘We joke about it, but it is a very emotional time for the families,’’ Mrs Gill said.

New to the school this year the foundation students are combined into the one shared classroom.

This is in preparation of the 2.5million building project that will start in April.

‘‘Rather than disrupting the students mid year with the construction of the new building, the staff worked together to form the best outcome for the students,’’ Mrs Gill said.

Tatura Primary School teacher Amanda Ross said the children had adapted well to the shared room.

‘‘It works really well as we would normally do group activities together anyway and now we can do more of that, more smoothly,’’ Mrs Ross said.

Student Charli Hart, 5, was excited to start her first day at school.

‘‘I like being able to play with my big sisters at lunch time,’’ Charli said.

Students were also introduced to the buddy program, which offers support to the foundation students from a higher-level student.

‘‘One student has already asked their buddy over for a sleep over, which is really sweet,’’ Mrs Ross said.

Principal Susanne Gill is happy with the number of new students this year, which has increased the number of classes that will run this year.

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