Merrigum golf

November 21, 2017

Everybody’s favourite game of golf, par, was Merrigum’s event on Saturday.

The day started promisingly enough weather-wise, however the skies soon began to blacken.

Fortunately there was only a little light drizzle that dampened things for a short time.

Craig Doherty has no fear of par and had one of his best rounds to win the day with +3.

Doherty can hit the ball a long way and as he becomes more consistent he will be waving goodbye to a handicap in the 20s. He has been steadily reducing his handicap and will find he has a shot less to play with next time he plays at Merrigum.

Ash ‘‘The Stork’’ Sanders and Bruce Brown were the ball competition winners after finishing one hole back on +2.

Sanders had a fantastic back nine thanks in part to his new chipping technique. While it probably won’t catch on among the Tour golfers, it served him well after the first hole.

The only worry is, if its success deserts him, where to then — can he hover while playing his shot?

Brown was solid as usual — he is not the reigning golfer of the year for no reason.

Nearest the pins were won by James Campbell on the sixth, Russell Dunn on the ninth and John Fuller on the jackpot 12th.

It seems that with the onset of warmer weather our serial sissy has emerged from hibernation. First was the warm day he avoided golf under the guise of being the family man and taking his daughter Christmas shopping. Then there was the disgraceful episode when he abandoned his partner and the cart he was driving while his partner was being attacked by a snake. Mind you, if sis and the now captain had taken as many pot-shots at the reptile as they have at the scribe in the past couple of weeks, they could have disposed of it quite comfortably.

Now our serial sissy was spotted cowering in the chook shed in the face of a bit of light drizzle. Toughen up a bit, Sime.

Last Thursday’s twilight competition was won by Tash Doherty with a score of 46-7-39, half a shot ahead of Craig Doherty, who scored 50-10.5-39.5.

Tash has had a great twilight competition so far and looks to be the one to beat at the moment.

Keith Hogeboom won least putts with 14 and Andrew Wood took the jackpot on the ninth.

You may as well go with the flow when it comes to the jackpot buying a round of drinks for three playing partners, but it can leave you in debt, particularly when one drinks spirits.

The two-point cut was 40.5.

This Saturday’s event is stroke for the Privilege Cup, least putts sponsored by Sis and Tash Doherty and Bruce Brown’s secret nine.

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