Keen to serve community

November 08, 2017

New role: Incoming Tatura Fire Brigade Captain Trevor Franklin accepts the captain's helmet from outgoing captain Graeme Dean.

Tatura Country Fire Authority Brigade’s new captain Trevor Franklin brings 47 years of experience to the lead role and is looking forward to serving the community.

Mr Franklin, who has spent 30 years with the Tatura crew, took on the role of captain from Graeme Dean in July this year and said he hoped to engage the community in what they did.

‘‘This is my first time as captain and it’s something I’ve aspired to do, I enjoy volunteering with the CFA because of the camaraderie and fellowship you have with team members,’’ Mr Franklin said.

‘‘My main duties as captain are to make sure on a day-to-day basis the brigade is ready to serve the community, making sure all the equipment is ready or replacing older items, getting funding, but most importantly being a mentor to our junior officers.’’

Mr Franklin said in an average year the Tatura fire brigade was called out to 110 incidents in urban and rural settings and it had an important role in keeping large industries in town safe from fires.

Mr Franklin has been to almost every major fire event in the nation during his career including in the Black Saturday fires and said he hoped to use his experience to help members of the team.

Mr Dean will be staying on with the brigade and will be one of four former captains who continue to volunteer in Tatura.

‘‘Once it’s in your blood it doesn’t go out,’’ Mr Dean said.

Tatura has about 20 members, but is always looking for younger team members to join for the future of the brigade.

‘‘If you are interested in volunteering or finding out more about the brigade we have regular training on Monday nights from 7.30pm and from 10am on Sundays,’’ he said.

Mr Franklin joins a long list of captains to serve the Tatura fire brigade during the past 123 years.

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