Police nab four drink drivers

October 12, 2017

Four people have been charged with drink driving in Tatura in the past four weeks.

Four drink drivers have been booked by Tatura police in the past four weeks, including one driver last Sunday night.

‘‘At 11.09pm we intercepted a white Holden Sedan in Lenne St, Mooroopna,’’ Tatura police Leading Senior Constable Kevin Ingram said.

‘‘The Mooroopna woman, 58, returned a positive breath test and was brought back to the Shepparton (police) station where she recorded a reading of .116 per cent.’’

The woman had her licence suspended immediately and will be summonsed to the Shepparton Magistrate Court on November10.

Ldg Sen Const Ingram said the woman’s car would be impounded for a period of 30 days costing the driver anywhere from $760 up to $1000.

‘‘Once you’re at .10 per cent or above we are required to impound your vehicle,’’ he said.

‘‘If you have a full licence and blow between .05 but less than .07 and have no prior convictions, you will be fined $476 and gain 10 demerit points.

‘‘But if you’re 25 years or under and blow between that level you will automatically lose your licence.’’

Ldg Sen Const Ingram said that if any drink drivers had prior traffic convictions in the past 10 years, the automatic loss of licence period was doubled.

‘‘It’s so we don’t have deaths on the roads... we’ll always be out and about so don’t do the wrong thing,’’ he said.

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