Squeezed out

October 12, 2017

Parking in Tatura's Hogan St has changed since the installation of new tree guards with many residents finding it difficult to get into parking spaces.

A council supplied image showing the vehicular damage done to one of the trees in Hogan St.

The installation of new bollards to protect trees in Hogan St has ruffled feathers in Tatura with many residents complaining about the difficulty to park in the town’s busy main street.

Tatura Bakery and Lunches owner Debra Russell said she had seen many cars struggle to fit in the smaller spaces and some had even hit the new guards, but her real concern was the slowing down of traffic.

Tatura resident Kevin Ryan said despite not being a councillor any more he had many people complaining bitterly to him about the parking issue recently.

Mr Ryan said the new guards were twice the size of the previous round guards and positioned so far out into the parking space that it had made parking a struggle for anything other than a small car.

‘‘Quite often people driving are stopped in the streets as others struggle to get into the parks, some even give up halfway through, and many are now edging into the next park after them,’’ Mr Ryan said.

Greater Shepparton City Council projects manager Dylan Hesselberg said the new bollards were installed during the past 12 months with two per tree because of the tree trunk growth and better protection for the trees.

Mr Hesselberg said people were damaging trees before the bollards were installed with virtually every tree in question having some evidence of vehicular damage.

He did confirm they had received a number of complaints regarding the dimensions of parking bays in Hogan St and the difficulty to fit vehicles in some of them.

‘‘The new bollards aren’t planned to be replaced,’’ Mr Hesselberg said.

‘‘Those parking bays, which were narrowed as a result of the bollard installation, may be reconfigured to enable ease of parking for even a medium-to-large passenger vehicle pending the outcome of a meeting in November.’’

The nett loss of parking spaces in Hogan St is five out of 53.

This was deemed a reasonable outcome given usage of parks in Hogan St.

A 2010 analysis showed that Hogan St car parks were only utilised to a max of 70 per cent.

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