Walkers enjoy splendour of Warby Ranges

October 11, 2017

What a view: Shepparton Adventure Club at the Warby Ranges.

A dozen walkers gathered at Princess Park, met with the Hannas at their gate and picked up our final two adventurers at Nalinga.

The 16 sallied forth to the Warby Ranges via a nature break at Winton Wetlands and the beautiful curves of Taminick Gap.

By 10.30 we were ready and willing for morning tea at the head of the walk. The small but picturesque Salisbury waterfall is a short side trip at the beginning of the track.

For the next 2km we climbed steadily along the Salisbury Creek gorge.

The granite boulders provided microclimates for many lovely plants, a few of which had started their Spring flowering.

The wattles crowed the loudest, but the quieter green-hooded orchids were the special treat.

Our resident plant expert Marg identified two green-hooded orchid species for us as well as many other lovely plants, including the spur-winged wattle (not yet flowering).

We lunched on a lovely open patch that gave us spectacular views across the Oxley flats to Mt Buffalo and the Victorian Alps.

Further south we could see the Winton Wetlands with plenty of water in parts at the moment.

We then soldiered on through the low woodlands to the peak of Mt Warby marked by a one-metre cairn.

We took the Alpine Views track down from Mt Warby and enjoyed the novelty of walking down slope.

Our final section saw us retracing our steps down the gorge: a somewhat tricky descent with loose gravel and some moist patches.

Wallabies and kangaroos were spotted a number of times and they mostly ignored us.

We returned to the cars about 4pm. Three cars headed to Glenrowan for coffee, while one group went straight back to Shepparton.

Di Hanna organised a really delightful day of walking — 11km in length and involving a climb of 290 metres — and we say thank you.

— Richard Speedy

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