Vibrant atmosphere at op shop

September 26, 2017

Generations Op Shop manager Neville Crow and volunteer Anita Hopson celebrate one year in the new store.

There have been lots of reasons to smile at Generations Op Shop during the past 12 months since it moved locations into the centre of Hogan St, Tatura.

Manager Neville Crow said staff and volunteers were happy to be celebrating one year at the new location as of the first week in October.

‘‘There’s been a real buzz,’’ Mr Crow said.

‘‘It’s all been really positive.’’

Mr Crow said the change had improved many aspects of operation.

‘‘We’re getting more people into the shop,’’ he said and added that the store looked much more inviting.

‘‘People have also been donating a better grade of stock.’’

Since the move, Generations has kindly donated funds to at least four community groups or businesses, using profits from the op-shop.

‘‘The shopfront has been a huge drawcard, too,’’ Mr Crow said.

With stock in the window attracting many eyes, Mr Crow said the record for the shortest amount of time an item was on display before getting snapped up was 10 minutes.

‘‘That was a couch,’’ he said.

‘‘We even had a situation where some shoppers had been looking at a table and went to get something to eat and by the time they came back someone had already bought it.’’

He said the vibrant atmosphere at the new shop had enhanced things and they had received many positive comments on the op-shop’s appearance.

‘‘It’s also been a lot more secure in terms of dumping,’’ Mr Crow said.

‘‘We haven’t had much at all dumped at the new location, which is fantastic.’’

■Generations Op Shop is open weekdays from 10am to 4pm and Saturday from 10am to 12.30pm. For more information, phone the shop on 58243059.

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