SES on hunt for training cars

September 19, 2017

Tatura SES needs old cars to keep up its lifesaving rescue training.

Kris Parker is in the market for a new car, but rather than the modern conveniences he only cares about two things.

It must have tyres and a steering wheel.

The Tatura SES Deputy Controller of Operations is asking for community members to donate their old wheels for a good cause.

Each Monday night the SES unit teams up with members of Ambulance Victoria and the CFA to train a variety of rescue scenarios.

His teammates could be called up at any hour to help rescue people from a road accident — and that requires skills that need practice to perfect.

‘‘(Training) is where we finesse our skills,’’ Mr Parker said.

‘‘If we don’t practice, we don’t get better.’’

Cars donated to the SES get put through a variety of training procedures that simulate various rescue methods which members could get called on to perform on the road.

The training regularly involves the use of heavy machinery and after a few exercises the cars have been cut up so much they can no longer be used.

‘‘We take the doors off, we use spreaders, cutters and rams,’’ Mr Parker said.

‘‘To make it last, wheels and a steering wheel are imperative so we can move it around the yard.’’

Currently the SES training yard is almost bare, and Mr Parker said if cars could not be found it was conceivable that the service would have to purchase vehicles to train on.

He is hoping people might have a spare car sitting around their property that could be donated to the unit.

‘‘Cars that have been sitting in the back yard for a few years are very good for us,’’ he said.

Cars did not have to be roadworthy, but it was ideal for donated vehicles to be fully intact, and not be more than 15 years old.

‘‘Anything older than that tends to be cars that we don’t see on the road very often,’’ Mr Parker said.

‘‘Newer cars have built-in hardpoints and the structural integrity is a lot stronger, so it is better that we train on them.’’

Tatura SES has room for about 15 cars at its training facility, which would provide training for about six months.

■If you have an unused car that you can donate for training, phone Tatura SES on 58241910 or contact it through

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