Marvellous meeting

September 15, 2017

Member Behind the Badge Wendy Wilson.

Tatura Probus Club member David Wilson thanks guest speaker Peter Hyden for his interesting talk.

Merle Kraus has rejoined Tatura Probus Club after some time away.

Tatura Probus Club’s meeting held on August 24 was a particularly marvellous one.

The ‘Member behind the Badge’ was Wendy Wilson who told the club her story, which was an interesting life indeed.

The guest speaker was Peter Hyden of Rochester.

Mr Hyden explained that the reason he was in a wheelchair was because of a road accident in 2011.

Out motorbike riding with mates, he took a sharp turn at too great an angle and slipped from his bike.

Unfortunately a car drove over him and he suffered severe damages to his upper body.

He spent about three months in the Austin Hospital in Melbourne and then went to rehabilitation, but only spent a little time there, deciding to go home as he felt he could manage.

Peter’s wife Meran is a nurse, so that may have made his adjustment to life in a wheelchair easier.

Peter had a wonderful way of speaking and the members present were enthralled by the way he had accepted his changed life.

He has a marvellous attitude, positive and accepting but with a strong determination.

After the accident he sold his fertiliser business and the two trucks associated with it.

He now drives a truck that has been modified to suit him — talk about determination.

He recently purchased a narrower wheelchair, making things easier to negotiate in certain areas.

He also has a modified van for family and general use.

Peter proved to be one of our most popular speakers and there was plenty of interest from the members with many questions.

David Wilson thanked Peter on the club’s behalf.

Merle Krause has re-joined the club after an absence and we warmly welcome her return.

On August 31, 14 members went to lunch at The Last Straw in Shepparton, which was somewhere different to visit.

Everyone enjoyed the outing and are looking forward to going to Cactus Country in October.

This is a good month to visit as the cactuses will be flowering.

Please phone President Bill Woods on 58241927 for any inquiries.

All are welcome to join our meetings, held at Lagozzinos Top Pub on the fourth Thursday of the month at 10am.

— Edith Bradbury/Barb Halliwell

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