House to hold AGM

September 12, 2017

Charles Lawson and Malcolm Campbell manned the barbecue while guests gathered for breakfast at the Tatura Community House during the Monster Garage Sales.

Tatura Community House family history facilitator Louis Orr with resident Pam Davy who took part in the program.

Glenda Rankin, Jenny Pritchard and Joan Hart enjoyed the Tatura Community House's high tea fundraiser.

The community is invited to book their place at the Tatura Community House’s upcoming annual general meeting and dinner evening to be held next month.

Tatura Community House committee president John Kriesfeld said the meeting would be held on October 3 from 6.30pm when he will present the annual report.

Mr Kriesfeld highlighted some of the programs that had been successful throughout the year including the Helping Hands program, which rolled out for the first time.

‘‘It was hugely successful,’’ he said.

‘‘The seniors really embraced it.’’

The program saw senior citizens get assistance with technology at the community house and in one-on-one sessions at home.

Facilitated by new Tatura Community House employee Tom Boocock who came on board throughout the year, the program will continue, but at a cost of $40.

‘‘We haven’t got funding for it, but want to keep running the one-on-ones,’’ Mr Boocock said and added those interested could book through the house.

‘‘Even if there’s two people who want to learn the same thing they can still book a one-on-one.’’

Mr Kriesfeld said Mr Boocock had brought a whole new skill set to the community house and provided great additional support for manager Leeane Button.

‘‘Leeane Button has made a huge difference,’’ Mr Kriesfeld said.

‘‘The Community House was in gradual decline.

‘‘She came in with a new vision, new energy, new programs and ideas to improve things.’’

He said committee member Chris Court would finish up her role at the AGM after several years.

‘‘She has been an excellent board member,’’ he said.

‘‘It is always good to get new blood though.’’

Mr Kriesfeld said the addition of a community market had also been a highlight of the year as well as the mental health first-aid program and the migrant English program.

‘‘We’re trying hard to engage young people,’’ he said.

‘‘There is a perception that the community house is just for elderly people, so we’re trying to promote more activities for younger people.’’

Mr Kriesfeld thanked the board for their hard work behind the scenes throughout the year.

‘‘The hours they put in is just phenomenal,’’ he said.

■The annual general meeting will be held at the Tatura Community House on Tuesday, October 3, from 6.30pm. Places are limited and bookings are essential on (03)58241315.

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