Shed full from head to toe

August 29, 2017

Tatura's Jody Vincitorio's huge man-cave is filled from head to toe with signs and other quirky items.

A juke box in Tony's shed.

Bar stools and a wooden bench provide the perfect setting to enjoy a few quiet beers.

Tony Vincitorio estimates he has more than 500-odd signs and has spent more than $100000 on memorabilia.

Tony Vincitorio's's man cave is the perfect place for a game of pool.

The collection has been brought together of more than 15 years from places, such as garage sales, ebay and on the side of roads.

Old trikes hang from the ceiling of Tony Vincitorio's man cave.

Every inch of the huge man cave is filled with items.

Some might describe Tatura’s Jody Vincitorio as a hoarder, but he’d would rather think of himself as an investor.

‘‘About 15 years ago I walked into a man-cave and it hooked me,’’ the 45-year-old said.

Mr Vincitorio had always like signs and in his mid-30s he began collecting.

One thing led to the next and before he knew it he had hundreds — but no shed to show off his collection.

‘‘I stored different items at mates houses,’’ he said.

After moving to Tatura, the auto-body shop business owner built a 15 x 25 metre shed and began the process of collecting his wares from his friends sheds across the country.

‘‘My shed is full from head to toe, there is no wall or roofspace left,’’ Mr Vincitorio said.

‘‘I’ve got 56 light-up signs and hundreds of others, probably close to 500-odd.’’

Mr Vincitorio estimated he has spent more than $100000 buying and collecting signs and other man-cave memorabilia.

‘‘I buy from garage sales, ebay, from other collectors and get stuff from the side of the road,’’ he said.

‘‘There was no such things a a man-cave back when I first started, so a bought a bunch of mint enamel signs for $500 each.

‘‘A few years ago I sold a them for $5000 each to help pay for a bit of a deposit on the house.’’

He’s got old wood heaters, a McDonalds sign that fills half a wall, arcade racing machines, pin-ball machines and a full-sized snooker table.

‘‘I bought the snooker table for $500 when the Ardmona Cannery shut down in Mooroopna a few years ago,’’ Mr Vincitorio said.

‘‘It was in the social club rooms and I’ve had it valued because it was built in the 1920s and they say it’s worth anywhere between $15000 and $20000.’’

Mr Vincitorio said the shed was often used by his son on a Saturday nights, when he invited his friends around for some quiet beers.

‘‘I think the man-cave (craze) has taken off because it is too dear to drink at the pub these days,’’ he said.

‘‘(Plus) it keeps the wife happy that I’m not down at the pub and she can call me in for dinner when it’s ready.’’

This Sunday, Mr Vincitorio and his friend Troy — along with more than 10 other locals — are hosting a garage sale at the Tatura Scout Hall from 8am.

‘‘Anything and everything man cave related including petrol memorabilia, old tin signs, oil cans, collectibles, bar stools, barrel furniture will be available for bargain prices,’’ he said.

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