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August 22, 2017

Guest speakers at the Tatura Transition Film Festival Nickee Freeman, Jean Young, Kate Stothers and Seema Abdullah.

Marie Van Den Bosch and Sandra Davey discuss the interesting films and books on show at the Transition Film Festival.

Transition Tatura Film Festival’s Ross Musolino hoped people would be inspired to do more for their community and the environment after the event on Saturday.

The keynote film Just Eat was introduced by guest speaker Jean Young, from Sustainability Victoria, who said it was wonderful to be able to talk big issues.

‘‘It’s about empowering communities to get organised to find the best way to work together,’’ Ms Young said.

‘‘The film is quite confronting, people are surprised at the amount of waste that happens but it also highlights small actions everyone can do.’’

Strathbogie Shire Councillor Kate Stothers said the day was about empowering and strengthening people to pursue projects to improve our communities.

Mr Musolino said the guest speakers did a great job of describing their roles within their respective communities and how they were going about encouraging people to participate in projects that enable the community to transition to a safe, more inclusive and sustainable place.

‘‘The speakers spoke about the need to say or do to reignite interest among those who are disengaged from the idea of community and what ideas they have for making their community more resilient, in every sense, and how could we apply some of those ideas and processes in and around Tatura.’’

Mr Musolino said the all-female panel reflected on the leadership women have shown across the world in this space.

Transition Tatura is the 367th town or community to become a part of the worldwide Transition Movement.

The movement comprised vibrant, grassroots community initiatives that seek to build community resilience in the face of such challenges as peak oil, climate change and the economic crisis.

This is the fourth film festival held by Transition Tatura.

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