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August 16, 2017

Year Five science students Victoria Roberts, Ben McConnaughie, Rosanna Carbone ad Connor Nevins enjoyed using Sphero robots during National Science Week.

Year 5 students combined science, technology, engineering and maths challenges.

Sacred Heart students enjoyed science, technology, engineering and maths challenges during National Science Week last week.

Year 5 science teacher Jane Stock said STEM subjects are combined in the one activity so that students draw upon a range of skills to complete a challenge.

Ms Stock said STEM challenges include designing, building, testing — redesigning, rebuilding, retesting — until the challenge is successful.

‘‘We are currently studying where the Earth is situated in our solar system and how it rotates and orbits the sun. Year 5 students are recreating a replica of the Solar system at a much smaller scale,’’ Ms Stock said.

She said STEM challenges were used to build a Space Rover that would traverse across a planetary surface to collect air samples and rock samples.

Ms Stock said students had used Sphero robots for computer coding.

‘‘Students have developed the ability to program each Sphero robot to move in directions and distances according to the commands given.

‘‘In our solar system investigations, students designed and built a space rover using recycled products, then attaching the Sphero robot and programmed it using code to follow a track across a surface,’’ Ms Stock said.

The Sphero Robots were used as the power source for the rovers and the students enjoyed planning, building, and testing their creations.

‘‘It has been amazing to watch the students problem solve using codes and angles to be successful at getting their space rover to a set location,’’ Ms Stock said.

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