Funds help Tat VICSES

August 08, 2017

Tatura VICSES unit controller Stephen Tuck, The Community Fund GV chief executive Cheryl Hammer and Tatura unit member Bec Gould.

Tatura VICSES unit members can now enjoy better safety and have turned out to jobs more quickly thanks to recent grant funding from The Community Fund Goulburn Valley.

The unit received more than $6000 from the fund and the vast majority of money went towards the installation of a new roller door gate and operation mechanism.

Tatura VICSES unit controller Stephen Tuck said that previously, when the power went out, members were required to climb up a ladder in order to open the roller door.

‘‘It caused safety concerns and we were also presenting with a slower turn out rate in the event we had to open it manually,’’ he said.

Mr Tuck said the new system had been invaluable since its installation late last year.

‘‘Having a quieter system and one we know is going to work is so important,’’ he said.

The Community Fund chief executive Cheryl Hammer said people throughout the Goulburn Valley felt satisfied when funds went towards organisations such as the Tatura SES.

‘‘Of course they are an emergency service and we hope we never have to use it, but it’s fantastic to know it’s there,’’ Ms Hammer said.

‘‘To see this project come to fruition has been really good.’’

Mr Tuck said the installation came at an exciting time for the unit where members had also been working on beautification improvements to the shed.

‘‘We improved our signage on either side of the shed,’’ he said.

The unit’s shed also features plush grass near the entrance, which Mr Tuck said used to be filled with bindi-eye weeds.

‘‘We have attended 12 priority one callouts since the beginning of 2017,’’ he said.

‘‘And since the start of the year we have had five new members join up.’’

Mr Tuck said the unit now had more than 20 members from new ones right through to veterans who had been there for almost 15 years.

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