Team showing improvement in intense game

August 02, 2017

Madison Davis gets a hand to ball to spoil an incoming pass.

Emma Ryan's goal shot is on the mark.

Roey Johnstone shoots and scores a goal.


In round 15, the Tatura versus Shep United game, Tatura struggled against a tall, fast well-drilled United team which scored 20 goals in the first quarter.

Tatura scored its first goal early in the second quarter with a long pass by Chelsea Jones into the goal circle where Olivia Vraca was able to put Tatura on the board.

Tatura lifted the intensity of its game in the third quarter, scoring five goals and keeping United to its lowest quarter tally of the game — 18 goals.

The Tatura girls fought out the game to the final bell without dropping their heads.

They had a positive attitude because they had improved from the first time they played United, scoring more goals while United scored less.

Scores: Shep United 78 to Tatura 10.

Best: Olivia Vraca, Chelsea Jones, Jorja Hoskin.


United started the game with strong defensive pressure which caused Tatura to have turnovers.

Tatura kept fighting to try to close the gap, and got the ball into the ring despite windy conditions.

The Demons were composed and did not allow many errors, making it a tough game for the Dogs.

Scores: United 50 to Tatura 13.

Best: Kerri-Ann Wark, Emily Power, Hannah Watt.


Once again Tatura was slow to put a score on the board.

I had difficulty feeding the ball into the circle whereas United was able to capitalise on its opportunities, although Chloe Lowden shot accurately when given the opportunity and Alison Roest worked hard in the defence circle with rebound and second efforts.

Tatura fought out the game until the end.

Scores: United 50 defeated Tatura 19.

Best: Alison Roest, Chloe Lowden and Taylor Rokahr.


A great game between Tatura and United saw United hold a six-goal lead at quarter-time.

Tatura coach Molly Boyle made some positional changes which saw Tatura increase its intensity where the attackers, led by Emma Ryan, applied great defensive pressure resulting in United turnovers.

Tatura was able to outscore United by one goal in the third quarter.

During the final quarter Tatura got within six goals which resulted in United calling two injury times, bringing on fresh legs which allowed it to get a run on and win the game by 11 goals.

It was a great four-quarter game from the Tatura girls.

Scores: United 44 to Tatura 33.

Best: Taylor Rokahr, Emma Ryan, Roey Johnstone and Elle Henderson.

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