Seminar has energy-saving tips

July 26, 2017

Around 40 guests enjoyed Friday evening's Practical Living Seminar in Tatura.

Michael and Darlene Lamperd and Justin Marshall enjoying a cuppa after the event.

Lynne and Vaughan Patullock with Maartje Heuperman.

More than 40 people enjoyed Transition Tatura’s Practical Living Seminar on Friday evening which focused on the topic Where You Live.

Hosted by the Tatura Community House, guest speakers Henning Rasmussen and Geoff Lodge discussed energy audits, smarter housing design and retrofits, and reducing costs of energy use and energy bills.

‘‘(They) presented many valuable and common-sense tips for everyone in attendance,’’ Transition Tatura’s Ross Musolino said.

‘‘Henning discussed new building design and stressed the importance of building orientation as well as the orientation of housing blocks — a tip for designers and surveyors of housing estates — double glazing of windows, thermal mass, insulation and sealing of air leaks.

‘‘Geoff spoke about improving the energy use in existing buildings and some tips included maintaining fridges and monitoring their use, sealing air leaks and insulation which were two popular topics, settings heaters at 20-22°C and airconditioners at 24-26°C, and when buying new appliances always refer to the star ratings.

‘‘A fantastic supper was provided between speakers and then a question and answer session was held at the end of the speakers’ talks.’’

The last Practical Living Seminar for this year — Your block, your street, your town — will be held on Friday, October 27.

‘‘Guest speakers John Laing and Heath Chasemore will discuss biodiversity, native plants and urban forests,’’ Mr Musolino said.

‘‘Another wonderful supper will be provided, plus everyone in attendance will get a free tree.’’

Phone the Tatura Community House on (03) 58241315 to book for this seminar.

For more information about the seminars and the group visit its Facebook page at: Transition Towns Tatura.

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