Making new tracks

July 11, 2017

Preliminary work towards a planned walking track along Dhurringile Rd, Tatura, are under way.

Preliminary works towards construction of a walking path along Dhurringile Rd are getting under way, comprising part of the planned 10km shared walking track.

Tatura Walks and Rides Group spokesperson Ross Musolino said they had been successful in securing funding from Greater Shepparton City Council for the stretch of walking path.

‘‘We’ve been working on the 10km shared path for the last couple of years,’’ he said.

He said they had been working with the council, along with the Tat200 committee regarding the section along Dhurringile Rd.

‘‘We’re just considering whether the east or the west is the best side to have the track,’’ Mr Musolino said.

He said it was disappointing there had not been more room left between the existing ‘Crouching Emu Project’ path and the boundary fence of a new estate in the town on the west side of the road.

‘‘It would have been good to put the path in there but there is not enough room,’’ he said.

He said the group, formed from the Tatura Community Plan committee, was looking forward to the project beginning and encouraged interested people to have their say.

‘‘Anyone who would like to comment or provide feedback can contact myself or Carl Walters,’’ he said.

Mr Musolino said to date the group had also assisted on a footpath audit, started by the Lions Club of Tatura, where they identified missing links and where ramps were needed.

‘‘We were also involved in the Jodie Ridges Bike trail from Tatura to Shepparton,’’ he said.

Mr Musolino said the group met as needed, usually on Tuesdays from 6pm to 6.30pm, but usually liaised via email.

■To become involved in the Tatura Walks and Rides Group or for more information email Ross Musolino at [email protected] or Carl Walters at [email protected]

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