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June 30, 2017

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Against our interests

If reports are correct that our Member for Murray Damian Drum was involved in the group of Coalition members opposing a Clean Energy Target, as proposed by chief scientist Alan Finkel, it is indeed a sad day for our region.

This follows his declared support for the Adani coal mine project in Queensland together with Federal Government funds. This is our local member acting against the best interests of our region.

At a time when genuine interest in developing large-scale renewable energy capacity in our region is being displayed, to have our member actively supporting the Tony Abbott view of the world is counterproductive and quite frankly embarrassing.

Opportunity waits for our region to transition to cleaner energy sources, maintain our clean and green image and build sustainable energy generation and storage.

It would be reassuring to think our region had the support of the Member for Murray.

— Terry Court, Tatura

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